The INB Group develops technologies and projects, takes position in the IP rights or joint ventures with the holders of a specific technology. In the projects is a partnership with a strong local market party or technology as part of the scope of a project offered. The INB Group now has several proven technologies available which are on this website.

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The technologies are sustainable and they avoid the use of fossil fuels and therefore they reduce the carbon footprint of a project. The technologies are BioBased Valorization, Biomass gasification, waste incineration, Innovative decentralized waste gasification, Diesel Technology, CO2 conversion and heat recycling containers.

BioBased Valorization.

INB has as EucoCorp a minority interest in the BioValGroup (BVG). This cooperation is with BioTorTech BV. BVG owns an already tested technology that converts “low value biomass” into green fertilizer, white energy pellets, torrefied pellets and  Bio chemicals. The BVG technology was chosen in 2013 as the third best technology by the TKI BioBased Economy board and it received a grant to realize a project in Amsterdam.

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CHP Technology Holding BV

INB has as CHP Technology Holding BV (CHP) an interest in various technologies, which are all based on the thermal conversion of waste into energy. It is always the highest possible efficiency and the recovery and recycling of materials is an important item.

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Biomass gasification.

CHP represents exclusively the Chiptec biomass gasification technology for the European market. Additionally there are some other countries where CHP represents the technology on a project to project basis. There are currently over 200 Chiptec projects realized in the U.S. The plants start from small building heating installations  to industrial biomass power plants in which both electricity and heat are produced. Chiptec choose deliberately for low temperature gasification technology. In this case a steam turbine  , or for small plants an ORC, generates electricity. The electrical efficiency is therefore lower than with a gas engine, but there is a lot of high-and low-pressure heat available. So in a project there is a need for the exportation of this heat which makes the total energy efficiency much higher than possible with a gas engine.

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CO2 recycling.

INB is as EucoCorp involved in Green Sea Bio Systems (GSBS). This system captures CO2 from a combustion process or stack. The CO2 travels through a closed  algae system . As the system is closed there is a control on the algae species and concentration. In the process CO2 will be split into Carbon and Oxygen. Both the Carbon and the Oxygen form a commodity for further processes.

GSBS the Netherlands

Heat Container.

INB is as EucoCorp is a partner for the German LaTherm group. LaTherm supplies heat containers 2.5MW. Waste heat from thermal processes is stored in these containers and the container will be transported to a heat user like a swimming pool. Although this is very sustainable the system only pays out financially when the distance  from heat source to end user is no more than 20 minutes.

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