EucoCorp has a Joined Venture with BioTorTech BV whereby low-value biomass can be processed into different products. There are certain interrelated trends and challenges in the world, for which BVG is offering renewable solutions. The BVG technology has participated in a tender of the Top Sector BioBased Economy. BVG ended up as being positioned as the third.



The three sectors for BVG can mean something:
• Energy supply
• Food chain
• Sustainable Chemistry


A brief explanation of these aspects:
– Energy supply


There is a need to find alternatives to fossil fuels. Biomass offers important possibilities. The problem with biomass is its local availability at a price as low as possible. BVG is able to make white or black pellets (torrefied)for energy production.


– Food chain


For the growth of biomass, anywhere, there is a natural process where necessary minerals are extracted from the soil. To bring the land into balance (artificial) fertilizers are used. These fertilizers are in the volumes required costly, especially for poorer countries. It is precisely those countries where biomass is wanted. In the process, the BVG minerals (locally) are extracted from the biomass. These minerals may or may not be re-used after processing as ferlilizer locally.


– Sustainable Chemistry


This branch of industry is rising quickly. It has a big impact on the sustainability of the end product.BVG has proven that its method is offering a wide range of possibilities. These tests have been carried out by SABIC.


Possible materials:



herbaceous streams



horticulture streams



agricultural streams



digester streams

proces residue


process residue streams


The BVG process:


Step 1:


At the first step minerals are removed from the biomass. As a result there is a liquid mineral concentration and a Clean Biomass Fiber. The minerals can be concentrated to a fertilizer. This offers the opportunity in poorer countries to re-mineralize the land with the locally extracted minerals. This way the mineral balance will not be disturbed.


This first step can also be placed in from of the technology of other companies who use biomass in their process.



The Clean Fiber Biomass can be transformed into white pellet directly.


The white pellet is clean and can be used for home stoves or industrial use. In addition, there are several other interesting applications.


Step 2:


The Clean Biomass Fiber can also get a next treatment after which they turn into a torrefied / black material which can be pressed as a pellet.

black pellet


black pellet


The expectation are high for replacing fossil coal by torrefied pellets. Transport costs play an important role. This black pellets from non woody biomass may thus provide an additional financially attractive option.


Step 3:


The torrefied material can also get a additional treatment which opens the world of the biochemicals. There already has been done extensively research and BVG expects a lot of the potential of this technology.